MOSCHE is a berlin based communication agency that specializes in 
sound branding and sonic architecture.

we create engaging auditive experiences with our team of composers, music supervisors and artists.

Decentralized yet hyperlocal.

Every decision consumers make
involves emotions, understanding what activates those emotions is essential for effective marketing.


We do more than music, we build emotional triggers.


„One suggested explanation for our attraction to tone combinations
rather than isolated tones is that successfully parsing complex auditory
signals generates a greater dopaminergic reward. Another is that tone
combinations imply vocal cooperation, social cohesion,
and the positive emotions they entail.“

If you need a uniquely crafted sound world or your music specially composed, we produce and commission work of all genres.
Through research and concept development, we explore how your brand can engage with music and sound in a meaningful way.
From finding a hidden musical gem to negotiating the rights for popular releases. We can help you find the music that resonates perfectly with your brand and visuals.
We cover all aspects of music production for events and brand experiences, from concept to execution.
We're looking into researching and developing sound as a spatial entity that contributes to well-being.



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Francesco Nazardo
Vitali Gelwich
Bartosz Ludwinski
Stefan Khoo

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